Low Float Stocks

LowFloat.com provides a convenient sorted database of stocks which have a float of under 10 million shares. Additional key data such as the number of outstanding shares, short interest, and company industry is displayed. Data is presented for the Nasdaq Stock Market, the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and the Over the Counter Bulletin Board. You can view the data for all exchanges together or only view exchanges of interest by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Low float stocks are often very volatile and are well known for making explosive upside moves. Stock traders will often flock to such stocks for no reason other than the fact that they have a low float and the price can potentially move up very quickly.

Disclaimer: We have made our best effort to provide accurate data, but always do your own research and double check the information presented here before making an investment.

AllAll (with OTCBB)NasdaqNYSEAMEXOTCBBHigh Short Interest StocksPenny Stocks
PULM Pulmatrix Inc Nasdaq 3.65M 3.65M 0.12% Biotechnology & Medical Research
SLRX Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc Nasdaq 3.65M 3.94M 0.27% Biotechnology & Medical Research
HMNF HMN Financial Inc Nasdaq 3.67M 4.49M 0.12% S&Ls/Savings Banks
SVMH SRIVARU Holding Ltd Nasdaq 3.72M 37.33M 0.51% Auto & Truck Manufacturers
UNB Union Bankshares Inc/VT AMEX 3.74M 4.51M 0.27% Regional Banks
BRTX BioRestorative Therapies Inc Nasdaq 3.74M 4.71M 0.48% Biotechnology & Medical Research
GBR New Concept Energy Inc AMEX 3.74M 5.13M 0.44% Healthcare Facilities
JFBC Jeffersonville Bancorp Nasdaq 3.75M 4.24M 0.00% Regional Banks
STRT Strattec Security Corp Nasdaq 3.77M 4.07M 0.08% Auto & Truck Parts
WILC G Willi-Food International Ltd Nasdaq 3.79M 13.87M 0.20% Food Processing
CLMB Climb Global Solutions Nasdaq 3.82M 4.58M 1.82% Software & Programming
CIZN Citizens Holding Co Nasdaq 3.83M 5.62M 0.00% Regional Banks
WVVI Willamette Valley Vineyards Inc Nasdaq 3.84M 4.96M 0.05% Crops
BIAF bioAffinity Technologies Inc Nasdaq 3.86M 9.50M 0.70% Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution
LGL LGL Group Inc AMEX 3.89M 5.35M 0.11% Chemical Manufacturing
AAME Atlantic American Corporation Nasdaq 3.89M 20.40M 0.45% Insurance - Life & Health
SXTP 60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals Inc Nasdaq 3.91M 3.79M 9.29% Pharmaceuticals
OVBC Ohio Valley Banc Corp Nasdaq 3.91M 4.77M 0.33% Regional Banks
CARV Carver Bancorp Inc Nasdaq 3.93M 4.92M 0.09% S&Ls/Savings Banks
APWC Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Nasdaq 3.93M 20.62M 0.02% Communications Equipment
SIF SIFCO Industries Inc AMEX 3.98M 6.10M 0.16% Aerospace and Defense
TTOO T2 Biosystems Inc Nasdaq 4.02M 4.05M 6.92% Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology
PMTS CPI Card Group Inc Nasdaq 4.02M 11.46M 3.76% Consumer Lending
KSPN Kaspien Holdings, Inc Nasdaq 4.03M 4.97M 1.36% Retailers - Other Specialty
OPOF Old Point Financial Corp Nasdaq 4.03M 5.04M 0.08% Regional Banks
WINT Windtree Therapeutics Inc Nasdaq 4.03M 5.15M 1.00% Biotechnology & Medical Research
LWAY Lifeway Foods Inc Nasdaq 4.03M 14.69M 5.17% Food Processing
SINT SiNtxTechnologies Inc Nasdaq 4.09M 4.26M 17.22% Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution
VINO Gaucho Group Holdings Inc Nasdaq 4.10M 4.81M 1.60% Real Estate Rental, Development & Operations
DTST Data Storage Corp Nasdaq 4.10M 6.86M 2.18% IT Services & Consulting
GRNQ Greenpro Capital Corp Nasdaq 4.12M 7.58M 0.83% Corporate Financial Services
FRLN Freeline Therapeutics Holdings Nasdaq 4.14M 4.36M 1.16% Biotechnology & Medical Research
HSTO Histogen Inc Nasdaq 4.15M 4.27M 1.86% Biotechnology & Medical Research
IVP Inspire Veterinary Partners Inc. Nasdaq 4.15M 7.16M 0.90% Healthcare Facilities & Services
JAN Janone Inc Nasdaq 4.17M 4.96M 0.93% Biotechnology & Medical Research
CRVO CervoMed, Inc Nasdaq 4.20M 5.67M 0.67% Biotechnology & Medical Research
LARK Landmark Bancorp Inc Nasdaq 4.24M 5.48M 0.67% S&Ls/Savings Banks
HUDI Huadi International Group Co Nasdaq 4.24M 14.24M 1.26% Metals & Mining - Iron & Steel
HEPA Hepion Pharmaceuticals Inc Nasdaq 4.28M 4.34M 2.32% Biotechnology & Medical Research
TATT TAT Technologies Ltd Nasdaq 4.28M 10.38M 0.70% Aerospace and Defense
BRN Barnwell Industries, Inc. AMEX 4.29M 10.00M 0.10% Oil & Gas - Exploration and Production
HOTH Hoth Therapeutics Inc Nasdaq 4.31M 4.35M 6.98% Pharmaceuticals
GREE Greenidge Generation Holdings Nasdaq 4.31M 4.51M 4.23% Fintech - Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
ORBT Orbit International Corp Nasdaq 4.32M 4.49M 0.00% Electronic Instruments & Controls
NXGL NexGel Inc Nasdaq 4.33M 5.72M 0.10% Biotechnology & Medical Research
ATIF ATIF Holdings Ltd Nasdaq 4.36M 9.63M 1.04% Professional Information Services
MTEM Molecular Templates Inc Nasdaq 4.37M 5.37M 1.48% Biotechnology & Medical Research
GDC GD Culture Group Ltd Nasdaq 4.40M 3.05M 1.75% Online Services
CRBP Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holding Nasdaq 4.41M 4.42M 0.90% Biotechnology & Medical Research
RBKB Rhinebeck Bancorp Inc Nasdaq 4.41M 11.07M 0.77% Banks

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Database last updated on February 19, 2024