Low Float Stocks

LowFloat.com provides a convenient sorted database of stocks which have a float of under 10 million shares. Additional key data such as the number of outstanding shares, short interest, and company industry is displayed. Data is presented for the Nasdaq Stock Market, the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and the Over the Counter Bulletin Board. You can view the data for all exchanges together or only view exchanges of interest by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Low float stocks are often very volatile and are well known for making explosive upside moves. Stock traders will often flock to such stocks for no reason other than the fact that they have a low float and the price can potentially move up very quickly.

Disclaimer: We have made our best effort to provide accurate data, but always do your own research and double check the information presented here before making an investment.

Todays Hot Penny Stocks

AllAll (with OTCBB)NasdaqNYSEAMEXOTCBBHigh Short Interest Stocks
BBSI Barrett Business Services Inc Nasdaq 6.76M 7.64M 1.69% Business Services
BIOX Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp AMEX 6.76M 38.70M 0.16% Chemicals - Agricultural
MYSZ My Size, Inc. Nasdaq 6.78M 7.23M 5.15% Software & Programming
RCKY Rocky Brands Inc Nasdaq 6.78M 7.32M 1.35% Footwear
TZOO Travelzoo Inc Nasdaq 6.78M 11.31M 3.10% Computer Services
LMNL Liminal BioSciences Inc Nasdaq 6.79M 23.63M 0.22% Biotechnology & Medical Research
REV Revlon Inc NYSE 6.79M 53.33M 43.08% Personal & Household Products
STRI STR Holdings, Inc. NYSE 6.80M 20.16M 0.00% Semiconductors
CMT Core Molding Technologies Inc AMEX 6.82M 7.97M 0.22% Fabricated Plastic & Rubber
SNDE Sundance Energy Inc Nasdaq 6.84M 70K 6.20% Oil & Gas - Exploration and Production
FRD Friedman Industries AMEX 6.85M 7.08M 0.08% Construction - Supplies and Fixtures
LOAN Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc Nasdaq 6.85M 9.63M 0.17% Consumer Financial Services
TRNS Transcat Inc Nasdaq 6.87M 7.41M 0.81% Scientific & Technical Instruments
GMBL Esports Entertainment Group In Nasdaq 6.87M 12.54M 3.05% Online Services
PFIS Peoples Financial Services Corp Nasdaq 6.89M 7.28M 0.70% Regional Banks
PBIP Prudential Bancorp, Inc. of PA Nasdaq 6.95M 8.15M 0.78% S&Ls/Savings Banks
SBFG SB Financial Group Inc Nasdaq 6.96M 7.66M 1.46% Regional Banks
CYBE Cyberoptics Corp Nasdaq 6.98M 7.25M 2.92% Scientific & Technical Instruments
CBAN Colony Bankcorp Inc Nasdaq 6.98M 9.50M 0.64% Regional Banks
MTC MMTec Inc Nasdaq 6.98M 20.07M 1.64% Software
MTBC Medical Transcription Billing Nasdaq 6.99M 12.70M 5.81% Software & Programming
FLXS Flexsteel Industries Nasdaq 7.00M 7.69M 2.21% Furniture & Fixtures
ICLK Iclick Interactive Asia Group Nasdaq 7.02M 68.93M 0.00% Advertising & Marketing
MLVF Malvern Federal Bancorp, Inc. Nasdaq 7.04M 7.61M 0.28% S&Ls/Savings Banks
USAK USA Truck Inc Nasdaq 7.05M 8.76M 0.35% Trucking
FCCO First Community Corp/SC Nasdaq 7.09M 7.49M 1.55% Regional Banks
WORX Scworx Corp Nasdaq 7.11M 9.49M 4.04% Software
JCS Communications Systems Inc AMEX 7.13M 9.36M 0.26% Communications Equipment
SFST Southern First Bancshares Inc Nasdaq 7.14M 7.73M 1.16% Regional Banks
NICK Nicholas Financial, Inc. Nasdaq 7.15M 7.80M 0.80% Consumer Financial Services
UFAB Unique Fabricating Inc AMEX 7.15M 9.78M 1.05% Containters & Packaging
SILC Silicom Ltd Nasdaq 7.18M 7.18M 0.27% Software & Programming
BASI Bioanalytical Systems Inc Nasdaq 7.18M 10.99M 0.06% Biotechnology & Drugs
OTRK Ontrak, Inc. Nasdaq 7.19M 17.38M 33.46% Healthcare Facilities
TACT Transact Technologies Inc Nasdaq 7.22M 7.55M 0.27% Computer Peripherals
IMAC IMAC Holdings Inc Nasdaq 7.23M 11.84M 2.36% Healthcare Facilities & Services
VRTS Virtus Investment Partners, In Nasdaq 7.24M 7.66M 1.63% Investment Services
TSBK Timberland Bancorp Inc Nasdaq 7.24M 8.31M 0.73% S&Ls/Savings Banks
INS Intelligent Systems Corp AMEX 7.25M 8.92M 12.56% Software & Programming
ESMC Escalon Medical Corp Nasdaq 7.27M 7.42M 0.00% Medical Equipment & Supplies
TRCB Two River Bancorp Nasdaq 7.27M 8.66M 0.35% Regional Banks
TCX Tucows Inc. AMEX 7.29M 10.57M 11.74% Computer Services
DAIO Data I/O Corp Nasdaq 7.30M 8.39M 0.05% Scientific & Technical Instruments
HEBT Hebron Technology Co Ltd Nasdaq 7.31M 17.62M 11.97% Industrial Machinery & Equipment
FFNW First Financial Northwest, Inc Nasdaq 7.32M 10.04M 1.23% Regional Banks
FEIM Frequency Electronics Inc Nasdaq 7.33M 9.16M 0.07% Electronic Instruments & Controls
CCF Chase Corp AMEX 7.34M 9.44M 2.02% Chemical Manufacturing
VTSI Virtra Inc Nasdaq 7.35M 7.76M 0.32% Scientific & Technical Instruments
WISA Summit Wireless Technologies Nasdaq 7.35M 7.82M 1.20% Semiconductors
PPIH Perma-Pipe International Hldgs Nasdaq 7.35M 8.16M 0.04% Misc. Capital Goods
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Database last updated on October 13, 2020