Low Float Stocks

LowFloat.com provides a convenient sorted database of stocks which have a float of under 10 million shares. Additional key data such as the number of outstanding shares, short interest, and company industry is displayed. Data is presented for the Nasdaq Stock Market, the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and the Over the Counter Bulletin Board. You can view the data for all exchanges together or only view exchanges of interest by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Low float stocks are often very volatile and are well known for making explosive upside moves. Stock traders will often flock to such stocks for no reason other than the fact that they have a low float and the price can potentially move up very quickly.

Disclaimer: We have made our best effort to provide accurate data, but always do your own research and double check the information presented here before making an investment.

AllAll (with OTCBB)NasdaqNYSEAMEXOTCBBHigh Short Interest StocksPenny Stocks
TCCO Technical Communications Corp Nasdaq 1.51M 1.85M 0.19% Communications Equipment
AIRT Air T Inc Nasdaq 1.51M 2.88M 0.47% Air Courier
ESP Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corp AMEX 1.53M 2.40M 0.15% Electronic Instruments & Controls
INDO Indonesia Energy Corporation L AMEX 1.54M 7.41M 0.19% Oil & Gas - Exploration and Production
EDRY EuroDry Ltd Nasdaq 1.55M 3.05M 1.64% Water Transportation
ELTK Eltek Ltd Nasdaq 1.56M 5.84M 0.16% Electronic Instruments & Controls
RHE Regional Health Properties Inc AMEX 1.57M 1.77M 3.33% Real Estate Rental, Development & Operations
VMAR Vision Marine Technologies Inc Nasdaq 1.58M 8.30M 0.35% Recreational Products
CIX Compx International Inc NYSE 1.59M 12.41M 0.75% Furniture & Fixtures
MARPS Marine Petroleum Trust Nasdaq 1.61M 2.00M 0.20% Misc. Financial Services
AINC Ashford Inc AMEX 1.65M 3.02M 0.34% Investment Services
CFNB California First National Bancorp Nasdaq 1.69M 10.28M 0.00% Rental & Leasing
BELFA Bel Fuse, Inc. Nasdaq 1.71M 2.15M 0.51% Electronic Instruments & Controls
BRID Bridgford Foods Corp Nasdaq 1.71M 9.08M 0.46% Food Processing
CRXT Clarus Therapeutics Holdings I Nasdaq 1.77M 21.73M 10.33% Pharmaceuticals
GIGA Giga-Tronics Inc Nasdaq 1.80M 2.73M 0.00% Electronic Instruments & Controls
ARKR Ark Restaurants Corp Nasdaq 1.85M 3.55M 0.90% Restaurants
JCTCF Jewett-Cameron Trading Ltd Nasdaq 1.86M 3.49M 0.18% Construction - Supplies and Fixtures
LSBK Lake Shore Bancorp Inc Nasdaq 1.86M 5.69M 0.28% Real Estate Operations
WLFC Willis Lease Finance Corp Nasdaq 1.90M 6.08M 0.98% Rental & Leasing
LLL JX Luxventure, Ltd Nasdaq 1.98M 4.23M 3.52% Apparel/Accessories
ARTW Art's-Way Manufacturing Co Inc Nasdaq 2.00M 4.53M 1.44% Construction & Agricultural Machinery
BH Biglari Holdings, Inc NYSE 2.06M 2.07M 1.24% Restaurants
UUU Universal Security Instruments Inc AMEX 2.06M 2.31M 1.05% Security Systems & Services
USLM United States Lime & Minerals Inc Nasdaq 2.09M 5.66M 0.52% Construction - Raw Materials
ALX Alexander's Inc NYSE 2.12M 5.11M 2.87% Real Estate Operations
JAN JanOne, Inc Nasdaq 2.14M 2.83M 3.24% Waste Management Services
GLBZ Glen Burnie Bancorp Nasdaq 2.15M 2.85M 0.25% Regional Banks
UNAM Unico American Corp Nasdaq 2.15M 5.30M 1.11% Insurance (Property & Casualty)
IROQ IF Bancorp, Inc Nasdaq 2.16M 3.25M 0.13% Regional Banks
EMCF Emclaire Financial Corp Nasdaq 2.17M 2.72M 0.05% Regional Banks
SFBC Sound Financial Bancorp Inc Nasdaq 2.22M 2.62M 0.10% Regional Banks
ELSE Electro-Sensors Inc Nasdaq 2.23M 3.40M 0.28% Scientific & Technical Instruments
COE China Online Education Group - NYSE 2.24M 12.86M 12.12% Business Support Services
SLNG Stabilis Energy, Inc Nasdaq 2.24M 17.69M 0.58% Natural Gas Utilities
AUBN Auburn National Bancorporation Inc Nasdaq 2.27M 3.53M 0.15% Regional Banks
CLWT Euro Tech Holdings Co Ltd Nasdaq 2.27M 5.15M 4.28% Scientific & Technical Instruments
PLPC Preformed Line Products Co Nasdaq 2.28M 4.90M 0.85% Construction Services
MCBK Madison County Financial Inc Nasdaq 2.29M 3.14M 0.00% Regional Banks
TRT Trio Tech International AMEX 2.30M 3.91M 0.21% Scientific & Technical Instruments
AWX Avalon Holdings Corp AMEX 2.31M 3.29M 0.54% Trucking
PNBK Patriot National Bancorp Inc Nasdaq 2.31M 3.95M 0.29% Regional Banks
AE Adams Resources & Energy Inc AMEX 2.31M 4.36M 0.08% Oil & Gas Operations
KEQU Kewaunee Scientific Corp Nasdaq 2.32M 2.79M 0.11% Scientific & Technical Instruments
HFBL Home Federal Bancorp Inc of LA Nasdaq 2.32M 3.35M 0.03% S&Ls/Savings Banks
MHH Mastech Holdings Inc AMEX 2.33M 11.44M 1.22% Computer Services
VEEE Twin Vee Powercats Co Nasdaq 2.35M 7.00M 0.36% Recreational Products
PSHG Performance Shipping Inc Nasdaq 2.37M 5.08M 0.44% Freight & Logistics - Marine
DXF Dunxin Financial Holdings Ltd AMEX 2.38M 20.86M 0.00% Consumer Financial Services
MDIA Mediaco Holding Inc Nasdaq 2.40M 3.09M 1.96% Broadcasting
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Database last updated on November 25, 2021