Low Float Stocks

LowFloat.com provides a convenient sorted database of stocks which have a float of under 10 million shares. Additional key data such as the number of outstanding shares, short interest, and company industry is displayed. Data is presented for the Nasdaq Stock Market, the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, and the Over the Counter Bulletin Board. You can view the data for all exchanges together or only view exchanges of interest by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Low float stocks are often very volatile and are well known for making explosive upside moves. Stock traders will often flock to such stocks for no reason other than the fact that they have a low float and the price can potentially move up very quickly.

Disclaimer: We have made our best effort to provide accurate data, but always do your own research and double check the information presented here before making an investment.

Todays Hot Penny Stocks

AllAll (with OTCBB)NasdaqNYSEAMEXOTCBBHigh Short Interest Stocks
UTGN UTG Inc OTCBB 970K 3.29M N/A Insurance (Life)
SRSG Sears Oil & Gas Corp OTCBB 971K 7.28M N/A Misc. Financial Services
PCLB Pinnacle Bancshares, Inc. OTCBB 977K 1.27M N/A Regional Banks
NSYS Nortech Systems Inc Nasdaq 981K 2.69M 0.71% Electronic Instruments & Controls
FFDF FFD Financial Corp Nasdaq 982K 993K N/A S&Ls/Savings Banks
VRTA Vestin Realty Mortgage I Inc Nasdaq 1.01M 1.30M N/A Real Estate Operations
IKNX Ikonics Corp Nasdaq 1.01M 1.98M 0.02% Photography
VALU Value Line Inc Nasdaq 1.01M 9.66M 0.90% Investment Services
MXC Mexco Energy Corp AMEX 1.04M 2.04M 1.98% Oil & Gas Operations
TCI Transcontinental Realty Investors NYSE 1.05M 8.72M 1.06% Real Estate Operations
NSEC National Security Group Inc Nasdaq 1.06M 2.53M 0.01% Insurance (Life)
LINK Interlink Electronics Inc OTCBB 1.06M 6.48M N/A Electronic Instruments & Controls
JAN JanOne, Inc Nasdaq 1.06M 1.92M 2.59% Waste Management Services
CROL Carroll Bancorp Inc OTCBB 1.07M 1.15M N/A Regional Banks
SGBX SG Blocks, Inc. Nasdaq 1.10M 1.16M 2.02% Construction Services
WMLPQ Westmoreland Resource Partners OTCBB 1.10M 1.29M N/A Coal
SVT Servotronics Inc NYSE 1.10M 2.58M 0.34% Personal & Household Products
ARHN Archon Corp OTCBB 1.10M 5.79M N/A Casinos & Gaming
QNTO Quaint Oak Bancorp Inc OTCBB 1.12M 2.00M N/A S&Ls/Savings Banks
DJCO Daily Journal Corp Nasdaq 1.13M 1.38M 8.46% Printing & Publishing
FFHL Fuwei Films Holdings Co Ltd Nasdaq 1.13M 3.27M 2.59% Fabricated Plastic & Rubber
QBAK Qualstar Corp Nasdaq 1.15M 1.96M 0.57% Computer Storage Devices
PEDH Peoples Educational Holdings Inc OTCBB 1.15M 4.47M N/A Printing & Publishing
GTEC Greenland Technologies Holding Nasdaq 1.17M 5.78M 2.08% Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts
DTRK DATATRAK International, Inc. OTCBB 1.18M 1.28M N/A Computer Services
PW Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railroad AMEX 1.18M 1.87M 0.30% Real Estate Operations
WAFU Wah Fu Education Group Ltd Nasdaq 1.18M 4.38M 0.59% Personal Services
ACY AeroCentury Corp AMEX 1.20M 1.55M 0.42% Rental & Leasing
HDVW HD View 360 Inc OTCBB 1.20M 10.20M N/A Security Systems & Services
RELV Reliv International Inc Nasdaq 1.21M 1.75M 0.28% Food Processing
BNSO Bonso Electronic International Inc Nasdaq 1.22M 4.68M 0.39% Misc. Capital Goods
RYCE Amira Nature Foods Ltd Nasdaq 1.23M 2.02M 10.94% Food Processing
MUEL Paul Mueller Company OTCBB 1.23M 1.29M N/A Misc. Capital Goods
HFBL Home Federal Bancorp Inc of LA Nasdaq 1.23M 1.85M 0.14% S&Ls/Savings Banks
NSPR InspireMD Inc AMEX 1.25M 1.40M 9.78% Medical Equipment, Supplies & Distribution
NOBH Nobility Homes Inc OTCBB 1.25M 3.84M N/A Construction Services
CZBS Citizens Bancshares Corp OTCBB 1.26M 2.08M N/A Regional Banks
KBSF KBS Fashion Group, Ltd Nasdaq 1.27M 2.59M 0.21% Apparel/Accessories
TSRI TSR Inc Nasdaq 1.29M 1.96M 0.00% Software & Programming
ELTK Eltek Ltd Nasdaq 1.29M 4.38M 1.62% Electronic Instruments & Controls
GYRO Gyrodyne Co of America Inc Nasdaq 1.30M 1.48M 0.04% Real Estate Operations
SFDL Security Federal Corp OTCBB 1.30M 2.96M N/A Regional Banks
FAT FAT Brands Inc Nasdaq 1.30M 11.81M 2.77% Restaurants & Bars
SES Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. Nasdaq 1.32M 1.38M 6.71% Oil & Gas - Exploration and Production
COE China Online Education Group - NYSE 1.32M 5.53M 1.16% Business Support Services
NTWN Newtown Lane Marketing Inc OTCBB 1.32M 13.76M N/A Misc. Financial Services
PNBK Patriot National Bancorp Inc Nasdaq 1.33M 3.92M 0.01% Regional Banks
HIFS Hingham Institution for Savings Nasdaq 1.34M 2.11M 1.54% S&Ls/Savings Banks
AMIN American International Industries Inc OTCBB 1.35M 2.22M N/A Auto & Truck Parts
CARV Carver Bancorp Inc Nasdaq 1.35M 3.70M 0.22% S&Ls/Savings Banks
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Database last updated on February 17, 2020